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How do I find sections that contain a particular word or phrase?

You can find rules or sections which contain keywords or phrases by using the search facility. Select 'Search' from the top menu.

Searching for a phrase or keyword

1. In the boxes provided enter the terms you want to search for.
2. Restrict to: Select the sections in which you would like to restrict your search. Tick the box to search all chapters or select multiple sections by holding down the case lock key and using the down or up arrow on your keyboard.
3. Order by: You can order your results by relevance i.e. how frequently your search term appears in each section; by chapter i.e. grouping the results by chapter and then ordering them by relevance.
4. Show results: Use the drop down box to choose the number of results to display on each screen.
5. View results: On clicking the 'Search' button the results will be displayed in the same window. Click on a result to view that section with the search terms highlighted.
6. Search again: To return to your search use the back button on your computer.