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  • 90-72 SIPC Trustee Appointed for DFW Clearing, Inc.


    Senior Management

    *These are suggested departments only. Others may be appropriate for your firm.

    On September 17, 1990, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division, appointed a SIPC trustee for:

    DFW Clearing, Inc.
    3200 City Center II
    301 Commerce Street
    Ft. Worth, Texas 76102.

    Members may use the "immediate close-out" procedures as provided in Section 59(i) of the NASD's Uniform Practice Code to close out open over-the-counter contracts. Also, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Rule G-12(h) provides that members may use the above procedures to close out transactions in municipal securities.

    Questions regarding the firm should be directed to the SIPC trustee:

    Robert G. Richardson, Esquire
    Hutcheson & Grundy
    6200 NCNB Plaza
    901 Main Street
    Dallas, Texas 75202-3714
    (214) 761-2828.