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Dec 15 2008 - Feb 10 2011Feb 11 2011 onwards

6470. Withdrawal of Quotations in an OTC Equity Security in Compliance with SEC Regulation M

Past version: effective from Dec 15 2008 - Feb 10 2011.
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(a) A member that is a distribution participant, affiliated purchaser, selling security holder or issuer in a distribution of an OTC Equity Security that is a covered security subject to Rule 101 or 102 of SEC Regulation M and is entering quotations in such security shall, unless another member has assumed responsibility in writing for compliance with this Rule:
(1) withdraw all quotations in the OTC Equity Security to comply with the applicable restricted period under Rule 101 or 102 of SEC Regulation M; and
(2) not enter a stabilizing bid for the OTC Equity Security pursuant to Rule 104 of SEC Regulation M.
(b) For purposes of this Rule, the following terms shall have the meanings as defined in Rule 100 of SEC Regulation M: "affiliated purchaser," "covered security," "distribution," "distribution participant," "restricted period," "selling security holder," and "stabilizing."
Adopted by SR-FINRA-2008-039.

Selected Notices: 08-57, 08-74.

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