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Past version: effective from Jun 23 2009 - Jul 13 2009.
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(The entire Rule 9800 Series, and related amendments adopted by SR-NASD-98-80 to Rules 8310, 8313(c)(1) (formerly IM-8310-2(d)(1), renumbered by SR-NASD-2003-168 and SR-FINRA-2008-021), 9120(x), 9241(c), 9290, 9311(b), 9312(b), and 9360, and by SR-NASD-2003-110 to Rule 9556, shall remain in effect as a pilot program until the SEC approves FINRA's proposed rule change to make the pilot permanent and such rule change becomes effective or the SEC disapproves such proposed rule change.)
Amended by SR-FINRA-2009-034 eff. June 23, 2009.
Amended by SR-FINRA-2008-021 eff. Dec. 15, 2008.
Amended by SR-NASD-2007-033 eff. June 23, 2007.
Amended by SR-NASD-2005-061 eff. May 11, 2005.
Amended by SR-NASD-2003-110 eff. June 28, 2004.
Adopted by SR-NASD-98-80 eff. June 23, 2003.

Selected Notices: 03-35, 04-36, 08-57.

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