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87-83 Member Comment on NASD Proposals

TO: All NASD Members and Other Interested Persons

The NASD Board of Governors is concerned that some NASD members may not have sufficient time to comment on NASD proposals published in Notices to Members because the appropriate person in the firm does not receive the notices on a timely basis. The NASD normally provides a thirty-day period in which members and other interested persons can submit comments on proposed new rules or amendments to current rules.

All NASD members receive one copy of all Notices to Members. The notices are directed to the person designated by the firm on Form BD (Uniform Application for Broker-Dealer Registration) as its "contact employee." The NASD recommends that members ensure that the firm's designated contact employee is appropriate and up to date. In this way, the NASD Board believes that all members will have an opportunity to comment on NASD proposals on a timely basis.

In this connection, the NASD also offers two subscription services for both members and non-members. The first is a subscription to all Notices to Members and is available for the 1988 annual fee of $100. NASD member firms may be interested in subscribing to this service to ensure that certain key persons within their firms receive the notices in addition to the designated contact person.

For a 1988 annual fee of $125, a subscription to a variety of NASD and NASDAQ publications can be ordered. Subscribers to this service receive:

  • Notices to Members
  • Executive Digest
  • Committee & Staff Report
  • NASD Press Releases
  • NASD Guide to Information & Services
  • Qualification & Registration (Q&R) Report
  • Regulatory Compliance Alert
  • NASD Annual Report
  • NASDAQ Fact Book
  • NASDAQ Company Directory
  • NASDAQ Notes
  • NASDAQ Subscriber Bulletin

To subscribe to either subscription service, send a request with a check or money order in the correct amount to:

National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.
Attn: Book Order Department
P.O. Box 9403
Gaithersburg, MD 20898-9403

* * * * *

Questions concerning this notice can be directed to either Suzanne E. Rothwell, NASD Associate General Counsel, at (202) 728-8247, or NASD Administrative Services, at (301) 738-6703.


Frank J. Wilson
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

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