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Options Rules (Rules 700-794)

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Rule 700. Applicability, Definitions and References
Rule 704. Position Limits
Rule 705. Exercise Limits
Rule 707. Liquidation of Positions
Rule 709. Other Restrictions on Exchange Option Transactions and Exercises
Rule 720. Registration of Options Principals
Rule 721. Opening of Accounts
Rule 722. Supervision of Accounts
Rule 723. Suitability
Rule 724. Discretionary Accounts
Rule 725. Confirmations
Rule 726. Delivery of Options Disclosure Document and Prospectus
Rule 727. Transactions with Issuers
Rule 728. Restricted Stock
Rule 730. Statement of Accounts
Rule 732. Customer Complaints
Rule 780. Exercise of Option Contracts
Rule 781. Allocation of Exercise Assignment Notices
Rule 791. Communications to Customers