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84-13 PLATO Learning Center Shutdown March 3–11; Extensions of Qualification Examination Expiration Dates

TO: All NASD Members

Attention: Registration and Trading Departments

Control Data Corporation will be shutting down its PLATO computer system from Saturday, March 3rd, to Sunday, March 11th, to effect major hardware consolidations. To minimize scheduling problems during the period surrounding he shutdown, the NASD is extending the PLATO expiration dates of candidate enrollments expiring the week prior to, the week of and the two weeks after the shutdown. A conversion schedule of the old and new expiration dates is published below. Accordingly, we urge candidates with expiration dates during this period to make Learning Center appointments as soon as possible in keeping with the conversion schedule.

Old Expiration Date

Extended Expiration Date

February 27 through March 5

March 26

March 6 through March 12

April 2

March 13 through March 19

April 9

March 20 through March 25

April 16

Questions regarding these extended dates may be directed to CRD Communications at(202) 728-8800.

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