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84-30 Monthly Statistical Report Subscription Service

TO: All NASD Members and NASDAQ Subscribers

We are pleased to announce that the NASD is now offering a new NASDAQ data service. Subscribers to this service may receive copies of the Monthly Statistical Report (MSR) for all or a select group of NASDAQ issues on either an annual subscription or single-month order basis. Each MSR includes daily, weekly and monthly price, volume and market maker information for securities traded in the NASDAQ System and the NASDAQ National Market System (NMS). The report also recaps daily NASDAQ market data including index values and aggregate system volume.

MSRs are available either on microfiche or in printed form. Each month's MSR data for all securities traded in NASDAQ are recorded on 32 separate microfiche sheets and include a cross-reference index of NASDAQ company names and trading symbols.

The most economical service offered is the annual subscription. For a charge of $50 per year, subscribers will receive microfiche copies of MSRs for all NASDAQ issues each month, beginning with the January report. (A sample microfiche covering 207 NMS issues is included with this notice for your reference. A 42x magnification lens is the best size for viewing the film on a microfiche reader.) Therefore, for a modest annual subscription fee, subscribers will be able to build a complete historical record of every security traded in the NASDAQ System. Those who are interested in receiving MSR information for shorter periods may purchase monthly data at a cost of $10 per monthly set of microfiche.

Hard-copy reports are also available on individual NASDAQ securities on both a standing monthly and a single month order basis at a cost of $5 per security per month. Unlike the microfiche data, which is only available for reports beginning with January 1984, hard-copy reports may be purchased for any month as early as January 1980. A sample of a hard-copy MSR (for an NMS issue) is also enclosed with this notice.

If you are interested in receiving this new service, please complete and return the attached order form in the envelope provided. Please do not include payment with your order; you will be billed after you have received your first hard-copy report or set of microfiche.

Questions with respect to the MSR Subscription Service should be directed to Anita Baker at (202) 728-8025 or Celia Kramer at (202) 728-8026.


John T.Wall
Executive Vice President
Member and Market Services



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