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7330. Trade Report Input

(a) Reportable Transactions
Members shall comply with the Rule 7300 Series when reporting transactions to the System, including executions of less than one round lot if those executions are to be compared and locked-in. All trades that are reportable transactions will be processed pursuant to an effective transaction reporting plan. Trades that are not already locked-in trades will be compared and locked-in through the System.
(b) When and How Trade Reports are Submitted
Participants shall transmit trade reports to the System for Reportable System Transactions within the time period required in Rule 6622, or, in the case of trades in OTC Equity Securities, shall accept or decline trades within twenty (20) minutes after execution, according to the requirements of paragraph (c) of this Rule.
(c) Which Party Inputs Trade Reports
Participants shall, subject to the input requirements below, either input trade reports or accept or decline a trade within the applicable time-frames as specified in paragraph (b) of this Rule. Trade reports shall be submitted by the member as required by Rule 6622(b).
(d) Trade Information To Be Input
The information listed below must be provided for each transaction that is reported to the System. Unless the contra side will have an opportunity to provide its own trade information, the Reporting Member is responsible for the complete and accurate submission of information for both sides of the trade.
(1) Security identification symbol of the eligible security (SECID);
(2) Number of shares;
(3) Unit price, excluding commissions, mark-ups or mark-downs;
(4) The time of execution expressed in hours, minutes and seconds based on Eastern Time in military format, unless another provision of FINRA rules requires that a different time be included on the report;
(5) A symbol indicating whether the party submitting the trade report represents the Reporting Member (denoted as the Executing Party or "EPID") side or the Non-Reporting Party (denoted as the Contra Party or "CPID") side;
(6) A symbol indicating whether the transaction is a buy, sell or cross, and if applicable, a symbol indicating whether the transaction is a sell short trade from the Reporting Member perspective or contra side perspective, irrespective of whether the contra side is a member, except the sell short indicator is not required on any clearing-only, non-regulatory report submitted pursuant to Rule 7330(h)(4);
(7) A symbol indicating whether the trade is as principal, riskless principal, or agent;
(8) Reporting side Clearing Broker (if other than normal Clearing Broker);
(9) Reporting side executing broker as "give-up" (if any);
(10) Contra side executing broker;
(11) Contra side introducing broker in case of "give-up" trade;
(12) Contra side Clearing Broker (if other than normal Clearing Broker).
(13) For any transaction in an order for which a member has recording and reporting obligations under Rules 7440 and 7450, the trade report must include an order identifier, meeting such parameters as may be prescribed by FINRA, assigned to the order that uniquely identifies the order for the date it was received (see Rule 7440(b)(1)).
(14) For any transaction for which the OTC Reporting Facility is used to transfer a transaction fee between two FINRA members, the trade report must comply with the requirements of Rule 7330(i).
(15) If applicable, a unique indicator specified by FINRA to denote a clearing-only, non-regulatory report in accordance with Rule 7330(h)(4).
(e) Aggregation of Transaction Reports for Clearing Purposes Only
Individual executions of orders in a security at the same price and with the identical contra party may be aggregated into a single report and submitted to the System for purposes of clearing only; provided, however, that a Reporting Party may not withhold reporting a trade in anticipation of aggregating the transaction with other transactions.
(f) Reporting Cancelled and Reversed Trades
(1) Obligation and Party Responsible for Reporting Cancelled and Reversed Trades
With the exception of trades cancelled by FINRA staff in accordance with the Rule 11890 Series, members shall report to the System the cancellation or reversal of any trade previously submitted to the System. The member responsible under FINRA rules for submitting the original trade report shall submit the cancellation or reversal report in accordance with the requirements set forth in paragraph (f)(2).
(2) Deadlines and Other Requirements for Reporting Cancelled and Reversed Trades
Members shall comply with deadlines and other requirements set forth in Rule 6622 for reporting cancelled and reversed trades.
(g) Reporting Certain Transactions for Purposes of Regulatory Transaction Fee Assessment
The following types of transactions that are assessed a regulatory transaction fee in accordance with Section 3 of Schedule A to the FINRA By-Laws shall be reported in the manner prescribed by FINRA to denote that they are submitted for regulatory purposes and not for dissemination. Transactions must be submitted to the System by 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (or the end of the System reporting session that is in effect at that time). Transactions may be entered as clearing or non-clearing.
(1) Transactions where the buyer and seller have agreed to trade at a price substantially unrelated to the current market for the security, and consideration is given (away from the market sales);
(2) Transactions effected pursuant to the exercise of an OTC option; and
(3) Transfers of proprietary securities positions where the transfer (A) is effected in connection with a merger or direct or indirect acquisition and (B) is not in furtherance of a trading or investment strategy. Members must provide FINRA at least three business days advance written notice of their intent to use this exception, including the basis for their determination that the transfer meets the terms of the exception. Members must report such transfers on the same day as the ultimate transfer of the positions on their books and records, unless later reporting is warranted under specific circumstances.
(h) Submission of Non-Tape Reports Associated With Previously Executed Trades
(1) Members shall not submit to the System any non-tape report (either a non-tape, non-clearing report or a clearing-only report), including but not limited to reports of step-outs and reversals, associated with a previously executed trade that was not reported to the System, unless such report is submitted, pursuant to Rule 6622(d), to reflect the offsetting riskless portion of a riskless principal transaction.
(2) Where permitted by subparagraph (1) above, any non-tape report (either a non-tape, non-clearing report or a clearing-only report) associated with a previously executed trade(s) that was not reported to the System must identify the facility or market where the associated trade(s) was reported, as specified by FINRA. For any such report, members must retain and produce, upon request, documentation relating to the associated trade(s).
(3) Where permitted by subparagraph (1) above, if both parties are submitting a clearing-only report to effectuate a step-out, the member transferring out of the position must report a "step-out" and the member receiving the position must report a “step-in.”
(4) Clearing-Only, Non-Regulatory Reports
(A) For a previously executed trade for which a tape report has been submitted to the System, or for the offsetting portion of a riskless principal or agency transaction for which a non-tape, non-clearing report has been submitted to the System, a member may submit a "clearing-only, non-regulatory report" to the System solely for purposes of clearing the transaction. A clearing-only, non-regulatory report cannot be used to satisfy any regulatory reporting requirement under FINRA rules that may apply to the transaction, e.g., the identification of other members for agency or riskless principal transactions under Rule 6622(d). As such, submission of a clearing-only, non-regulatory report constitutes certification by the member that it has satisfied all applicable regulatory reporting requirements under FINRA rules relating to the transaction through the submission of other reports (tape or non-tape, non-clearing) to the System.
(B) Members that submit a clearing-only, non-regulatory report must use the unique indicator specified by FINRA to denote that the report is submitted solely for purposes of clearing the transaction and not for purposes of satisfying any regulatory reporting requirements.
(C) Except where otherwise expressly provided under FINRA rules, information contained in a clearing-only, non-regulatory report must be consistent with information in any other report submitted to the System for the same transaction.
(i) Inclusion of Transaction Fees in Clearing Reports Submitted to the OTC Reporting Facility
FINRA members may agree in advance to transfer a transaction fee charged by one member to another member on a transaction reported to the OTC Reporting Facility through the submission of a clearing report to the OTC Reporting Facility. Such report, inclusive of the transaction fee, will be submitted to the National Securities Clearing Corporation for processing. To facilitate the transfer of the transaction fee, the report submitted to the OTC Reporting Facility shall provide, in addition to all other information required to be submitted by any other rule, a total per share or contract price amount, inclusive of the transaction fee. Prior to submitting any such report, both members and their respective clearing firms, as applicable, must have executed an agreement, as specified by FINRA, permitting the facilitation of the transfer of the transaction fee through the OTC Reporting Facility, as well as any other applicable agreement, such as a give up agreement pursuant to Rule 6622(h), and submitted the executed agreement(s) to the OTC Reporting Facility. Such agreement(s) are considered member records for purposes of Rule 4511 and must be made and preserved by both members in conformity with applicable FINRA rules. Nothing in this paragraph shall relieve a member from its obligations under FINRA rules and the federal securities laws, including but not limited to, Rule 2232 and SEA Rule 10b-10.

SELL 100 shares to another member at 10 plus a transaction fee of .01 per share;

REPORT 100 shares at 10 (the per share price exclusive of the transaction fee) to the OTC Reporting Facility for publication and also report 10.01 (the per share price inclusive of the transaction fee) for purposes of clearance and settlement through the National Securities Clearing Corporation.

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.01 All time fields required by this Rule must be reported in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds, if the member's system captures time in milliseconds.

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