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12506. Document Production Lists

This version is valid from May 16 2011 through Apr 2 2017.
Amendments have been announced but are not yet effective. To view other versions open the versions tab on the right.

(a) Applicability of Document Production Lists
When the Director serves the statement of claim, the Director will notify parties of the location of the FINRA Discovery Guide and Document Production Lists on FINRA's Web site, but will provide a copy to the parties upon request. Document Production Lists 1 and 2 describe the documents that are presumed to be discoverable in all arbitrations between a customer and a member or associated person.
(b) Time for Responding to Document Production Lists
(1) Unless the parties agree otherwise, within 60 days of the date that the answer to the statement of claim is due, or, for parties added by amendment or third party claim, within 60 days of the date that their answer is due, parties must either:
•  Produce to all other parties all documents in their possession or control that are described in Document Production Lists 1 and 2;
•  Identify and explain the reason that specific documents described in Document Production Lists 1 and 2 cannot be produced within the required time, and state when the documents will be produced; or
•  Object as provided in Rule 12508.
(2) A party must act in good faith when complying with subparagraph (1) of this rule. "Good faith" means that a party must use its best efforts to produce all documents required or agreed to be produced. If a document cannot be produced in the required time, a party must establish a reasonable timeframe to produce the document.
(c) Redacted Information
For purposes of this rule and Rule 12507, if a party redacts any portion of a document prior to production, the redacted pages (or range of pages) shall be labeled "redacted."
Amended by SR-FINRA-2010-035 eff. May 16, 2011.
Amended by SR-FINRA-2009-041 eff. Jan. 18, 2010.
Amended by SR-FINRA-2008-021 eff. Dec. 15, 2008.
Adopted by SR-NASD-2003-158 eff. April 16, 2007.

Selected Notices: 07-07, 08-57, 09-74, 11-17, 13-40.

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