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02-85 NASD Requires Immediate Member Firm Action Regarding Mutual Fund Purchases and Breakpoint Schedules
02-84 2003 Trade Date — Settlement Date Schedule
02-83 NASD to Deduct Unpaid Mediation Filing Fees from CRD Accounts
02-82 Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Trading Halts
02-81 NASD Reduces Certain TRACE Fees for the 4th Quarter of 2002
02-80 Development Regarding Treasury Information Requests Under Section 314 of the PATRIOT Act
For Your Information (December)
02-79 NASD Notice of Meeting and Proxy (A proxy package was sent to each NASD Executive Representative on November 4)
02-78 NASD Adopts Amendments to Rule 3011 to Require Members to Provide to NASD Contact Information for an Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Person(s)
02-77 SEC Approves Rule Establishing New Registration Category for Proctors of In-Firm Delivery of the Regulatory Element
02-76 NASD Issues Interpretive Guidance to the Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine Rules (TRACE Rules)
02-75 NASD Provides Additional Information on the Trading Activity Fee
02-74 NASD Requests Comment on its Public Information Review Initiative
02-73 SEC Approves New Rules and Rule Amendments Concerning Security Futures
For Your Information (November)
02-72 Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving Day
02-71 NASDAQ Provides Guidance on Recent Amendments to "Trade-or-Move" Rule and SuperMontage Opening Process
02-70 Securities Industry/Regulatory Council on Continuing Education Issues Firm Element Advisory
02-69 Clarification of Member Obligations Regarding Brokered Certificates of Deposit
02-68 Industry parties in California arbitration proceedings must waive contested California arbitrator disclosure standards if all parties who are investors, or associated persons with claims of statutory employment discrimination, have executed waiver agreements
02-67 Broker/Dealer, Investment Adviser Firm, Agent and Investment Adviser Representative Renewals for 2003
02-66 SEC Approves NASD Rule 2315; Recommendations to Customers in OTC Equity Securities
For Your Information (October)
02-65 Nominees for District Committee and District Nominating Committee
02-64 NASD Advises Members that Participation in Tying Arrangements that Violate Federal Statutes Also Violate Just and Equitable Principles of Trade; Requests Information Concerning Such Practices
02-63 NASD Provides Additional Information on Amendments to Section 8 of Schedule A to NASD's By-Laws to Eliminate the Regulatory Fee and to Implement a New Transaction-Based Trading Activity Fee as Announced in Notice to Members 02-41
02-62 NASD Announces Nominees for Regional Industry Member Vacancies on the National Adjudicatory council
02-61 SEC Approves Proposed Changes to the Taping Rule and NASD Interpretive Material 8310-2
02-60 Columbus Day
02-59 SEC Approves Amendment to Rule 10314 Regarding Specificity of Answers
02-58 SEC Approves Default Procedures Regarding Suspended or Terminated Respondents Who Fail to Answer Arbitration Claims
02-57 Use of Negative Response Letters for the Bulk Transfer of Customer Accounts
02-56 Nominees for NASD Board of Governors
02-55 NASD Requests Comment on Proposed New Rule 2712 (IPO Allocations and Distributions) and on an Amendment to Rule 2710 (Corporate Financing Rule)
02-54 NASD Requests Comment on Proposed Amendments to Rules 1014 and 1017
02-53 NASD Files Proposal to Amend Rule 3070 to Require Filing of Criminal and Civil Complaints and Arbitration Claims with NASD; Revises Letters Sent When Determination Made to Close an Investigation Without Further Action
02-52 NASD Requests Comment on Proposed Amendments to NASD Rule 3010(g)(2) ("Branch Office Definition")
02-51 NASD Requests Comment on Proposed Interpretative Material Regarding Investment Analysis Tools.
02-50 Treasury and SEC Request Comment on Proposed Regulation Regarding Broker/Dealer Anti-Money Laundering Customer Identification Requirements
02-49 NASD Adopts Amendments to IM-8310-2 Concerning Release of Disciplinary Information to the Public
02-48 NASD Amends Section 4 of Schedule A to the NASD By-Laws to Establish a Late Fee for Failure to Pay Annual Renewal Fees on a Timely Basis
02-47 Treasury Issues Final Suspicious Activity Reporting Rule for Broker/Dealers
02-46 NASD Announces Nomination Procedures for Regional Industry Member Vacancy on the National Adjudicatory Council
02-45 Alternative Display Facility (ADF) Nine-Month Pilot Approved for Trading in Nasdaq Securities
02-44 NASD Requests Comment on Application of Rule 2711 to Small Firms
For Your Information (August)
02-43 Labor Day: Trade Date — Settlement Date Schedule
02-42 Fixed Income Pricing SystemSM Additions, Changes, and Deletions as of May 22, 2002
02-41 NASD Informs Members of Proposed Changes to NASD's Gross Income Assessment, Personnel Assessment, and Regulatory Fee
02-40 NASD Requests Comment On Proposed Amendments to NASD Rule 2320 (Best Execution Rule)
02-39 SEC Approves Rule Governing Research Analysts' Conflicts of Interest
02-38 Independence Day: Trade Date — Settlement Date Schedule
For Your Information (July)
02-37 NASD Informs Members of Upcoming District Committee and District Nominating Committee Elections
02-36 Fixed Income Pricing SystemSM Additions, Changes, and Deletions as of April 23, 2002
02-35 NASD Adopts Amendments Regarding the Posting of Margin Disclosure and Day-Trading Risk Disclosure Statements on Web Sites
02-34 SEC Approves Proposed Changes to Rule 3070 Concerning the Reporting of Criminal Offenses by Members and Persons Associated with Members
02-33 SEC Approves Amendments to NASD Rule 2260 Requiring Broker/Dealers to Forward Information Regarding Debt Securities to Beneficial Owners
02-32 SEC Approves NASD Rule Requiring Members to Require Investors to Sign a Disclosure Document as Part of a Subordinated Loan Agreement
02-31 NASD Seeks Comment on Proposed Changes to the OATS Rules
For Your Information (June)
02-30 Fixed Income Pricing SystemSM Additions, Changes, And Deletions As Of March 22, 2002
02-29 NASD Regulation Provides Guidance On Order Audit Trail System Rules
02-28 Member Obligations Regarding Long-Term Or Brokered Certificates Of Deposit (Note: This Notice is superseded by Notice to Members 02-69)
02-27 Series 22, 27, 28, 39, 55, And 82 Modified
02-26 SEC Approves Rule Change Requiring Members To File Information With The Corporate Financing Department Through Its Electronic Filing System
For Your Information (May)
02-25 Memorial Day: Trade Date—Settlement Date Schedule
02-24 Fixed Income Pricing SystemSM Additions, Changes, And Deletions As Of February 21, 2002
02-23 The NASD Seeks Comment On Proposed Rules Relating To Member Firm Business Continuity Plans And Emergency Contact Information
02-22 Securities Industry/Regulatory Council On Continuing Education Issues A Status Report On The Securities Industry Continuing Education Program
02-21 NASD Provides Guidance To Member Firms Concerning Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Programs Required By Federal Law
02-20 SEC Approves Technical Changes To Forms U-4 And U-5 And Amendment To NASD Interpretive Material 8310-2
02-19 SEC Review of Auditor Independence Rules
02-18 Fixed Income Pricing SystemSM Additions, Changes, And Deletions As Of January 22, 2002
02-17 Alerting Customers To Adjustments To Option Contracts
02-16 NASD Dispute Resolution To Consolidate Western Region March 4, 2002
For Your Information (March)
02-15 Trade Date — Settlement Date For Good Friday 2002
02-14 Fixed Income Pricing SystemSM Additions, Changes, And Deletions As Of December 21, 2001
02-13 SEC Approves Permanent Injunctive Relief Rule
02-12 NASD Regulation Adopts Amendments To Relieve Registered Representatives Serving In The Armed Forces From Continuing Education Requirements
02-11 NASD Dispute Resolution Establishes A New Hearing Location In Orlando, Florida, For Arbitration And Mediation Claims Filed In Its Forum
For Your Information (February)
02-10 The NASD Requests Information On Steps That Can Be Taken To Streamline NASD Rules
02-09 NASD Seeks Member Comment On Proposed Changes To NASD's Regulatory Fee
02-08 Fixed Income Pricing SystemSM Additions, Changes, And Deletions As Of November 28, 2001
02-07 NASD Regulation Adopts Interpretive Material Prohibiting Interference With The Transfer Of Customer Accounts In The Context Of Employment Disputes
02-06 Trade Date — Settlement Date Schedule For Martin Luther King Day And Presidents' Day
02-05 Changes To FOCUS Resulting From Certain Disclosure And Asset Recognition Requirements Under FASB 140
02-04 NASD Regulation Asks Members Immediately To Adopt "Best Practice" Of Requiring Investors To Sign A Disclosure Document As Part Of Subordination Agreement
02-03 2002 Renewal Rosters And Final Renewal Statements
02-02 Effective Date For New Series 6 Program Regulatory Element (S106) For Investment Representatives
02-01 Rule Proposal Regarding Nasdaq Separation And The Alternative Display Facility