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99-94 Christmas Day: Trade Date—Settlement Date Schedule

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Trade Date—Settlement Date



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Holiday Trade Date— Settlement Date Schedule

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Christmas Day: Trade Date—Settlement Date Schedule

The Nasdaq Stock Market® and the securities exchanges will be closed on Friday, December 24, 1999, in observance of Christmas Day. "Regular way" transactions made on the business days noted below will be subject to the following schedule:

Trade Date Settlement Date Reg. T Date*
Dec. 20 Dec. 23 Dec. 28
21 27 29
22 28 30
23 29 31
24 Markets Closed
27 30 Jan. 3, 2000

Note: The Nasdaq Stock Market and the securities exchanges will be open on December 31, 1999, and January 3, 2000.

*Pursuant to Sections 220.8(b)(1) and (4) of Regulation T of the Federal Reserve Board, a broker/dealer must promptly cancel or otherwise liquidate a customer purchase transaction in a cash account if full payment is not received within five business days of the date of purchase or, pursuant to Section 220.8(d)(1), make application to extend the time period specified. The date by which members must take such action is shown in the column titled "Reg. T Date."

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