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97-33 Fixed Income Pricing System Additions, Changes, And Deletions As Of April 24, 1997

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As of April 24,1997,the following bonds were added to the Fixed Income Pricing SystemSM (FIPSSM).

Symbol Name Coupon Maturity
OIL.GC Triton Energy Corp 8.750 4/15/02
OIL.GD Triton Energy Corp 9.250 4/15/05
MAT.GA Mattel Inc 10.125 8/15/02
BG.GB Brown Group Inc 9.500 10/15/06
TWI.GA Titan Wheel Int'l Inc 8.750 4/1/07
GTCO.GA Great American Cookie 10.875 1/15/01
HPSC.GA HPSC Inc 11.000 4/1/07
CLNP.GA Callon Petroleum 10.000 12/15/01
BELW.GA Bellwether Exploration Co 10.875 4/1/07
HWMT.GA Howmet Corp Del 10.000 12/1/03
TXPC.GA Texas Petrochemicals Corp 11.125 7/1/96
CDS.GA Alliance Entertainment Corp 11.250 7/15/05
CAI.GA Continental Airlines Inc 9.500 12/15/01

As of April 24, 1997, the fo l l owing bonds we re deleted from FIPS.

Symbol Name Coupon Maturity
SMBA.GA Smith Barney Holdings 6.625 6/1/00
TTI.GA Tyco Toys Inc 10.125 8/15/02
LFI.GA Levitz Furniture Corp 12.375 4/15/97
RDM.GA Roadmaster Industry Inc 11.750 7/15/02

All bonds listed ab ove are subject to trade-reporting requirements. Questions pertaining to FIPS trade-reporting rules should be directed to Stephen Simmes, NASD RegulationSM Market Regulation, at (301) 590-6451.

Any questions regarding the FIPS master file should be directed to Cheryl Glowacki, Nasdaq® Market Operations, at (203) 385-6310.

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