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97-64 Fixed Income Pricing System Additions, Changes, And Deletions As Of August 22, 1997

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As of August 22, 1997, the following bonds were added to the Fixed Income Pricing System (FIPSSM).

Symbol Name Coupon Maturity
BOR.GB Borg-Warner Security Corp 9.625 03/15/07
FNWH.GA First Nationwide Holdings Inc 10.625 10/01/04
PRTL.GA Primus Telecommunication 11.750 08/01/04
WMAS.GF Western Mass Electric Co 7.375 07/01/01
TCIC.GA TCI Communications Inc 9.650 03/31/27
DSIO.GA DecisionOne Corp 9.750 08/01/07
GIDL.GA Giddings & Lewis Inc. Wis 7.500 10/01/05
HDS.GB Hills Stores Company 12.500 07/01/03

As of August 22, 1997, the following bonds were deleted from the Fixed Income Pricing System.

Symbol Name Coupon Maturity
CVC.GA Cablevision Systems Corp 10.750 04/01/04
BGLV.GA Bally's Grand Inc 10.375 12/15/03
BPPF.GA Bally's Park Place Funding Inc 9.250 03/15/04
NMK.GB Niagara Mohawk Power Corp 6.350 08/01/97
TEDP.GA Toledo Edison Company 6.125 08/01/97
HAY.GA Hayes Whells International Inc 9.250 11/15/02

As of August 22, 1997, changes were made to the names and symbols of the following FIPS bonds:

New Symbol Name Coupon Maturity Old Symbol
TFIP.GA TCI Communications Fing III 9.650 03/31/27 TCIC.GA

All bonds listed above are subject to trade-reporting requirements. Questions pertaining to FIPS trade-reporting rules should be directed to Stephen Simmes, NASDR Market Regulation, at (301) 590-6451.

Any questions regarding the FIPS master file should be directed to Cheryl Glowacki, Nasdaq Market Operations, at (203) 385-6310.

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