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98-58 NASD Manual Now On-Line

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Executive Summary

Through this Notice, NASD Regulation, Inc., is announcing that the electronic version of the NASD Manual is now accessible on the NASD RegulationSM Web Site ( With the advent of Internet availability, the primary method to comply with the requirement found in NASD Rule 8110—that the Manual be available in each member office—is through on-line Internet access. The National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD®) has discontinued the free distribution of the annually updated paperback version of the Manual. Those desiring hard copies of the Manual may purchase them at cost by contacting NASD Media-SourceSM.

Questions regarding this Notice may be directed to Jay Cummings, Director, Internet and Investor Education, NASD Regulation, at (301) 590-6070.

Background And Discussion

In May, NASD Regulation posted the NASD Manual on the NASD Regulation Web Site. The on-line Manual:

  • contains the complete text of NASD rules;

  • is free and easy to navigate;

  • provides a key word index;

  • offers complete word search capability;

  • includes links from rules to selected NASD Notices to Members;

  • allows for convenient printing of entire sections;

  • includes an on-line help function; and

  • will be updated monthly (more frequently than current hard copy methods).

The Manual is being made available as a service to members and the public. It is provided by Compliance International, Inc., publisher of books on screenTM . Visitors to the NASD Regulation Web Site may access the on-line NASD Manual via links found on the Home Page, as well as under the "Members Check Here" and "Press Room" Web Pages.

In anticipation of an on-line Manual, the NASD approved discontinuing the free distribution of the annually updated paperback version of the Manual. NASD Rule 8110 requires that each office of a member have available the NASD Manual, and in prior years, complimentary paperback copies were sent to each branch office by the NASD to aid in compliance with this requirement. Therefore, there are now two methods to comply with NASD Rule 8110: (1) Internet access or (2) a hard copy version of the Manual. If a member or branch office relies on Internet access in order to remain compliant, it must have access to the NASD Regulation Web Site at the office location.

To purchase a copy of the annually updated paperback Manual—at a cost of $10 each for members ($29.95 for non-members)—contact NASD MediaSource at (301) 590-6142. (Note: The annual paperback Manual is not to be confused with the Manual that is updated quarterly by Commerce Clearinghouse, better known as CCH. This service will continue as usual.)

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