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95-66 PROCTOR Adds PRO System To Automate Regulatory Element Training


Senior Management
Legal & Compliance

To provide better geographic coverage to accommodate the delivery of the Continuing Education Program Regulatory Element, NASD has designed the PROCTOR® PRO system. This system provides computerized delivery of the Regulatory Element at remote locations. The PRO system is currently scheduled at the following remote delivery locations:

  • Amarillo, Texas—August 17-18, 1995, and October 25-27, 1995;

  • Casper, Wyoming—August 23-24, 1995;

  • Boise, Idaho—September 6-8,1995, and November 8-10, 1995; and

  • Anchorage, Alaska—September13-15, 1995, and November 29December 1, 1995.

Additional locations not yet secured but pending are:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada;

  • Honolulu, Hawaii; and

  • Spokane, Washington.

To schedule an appointment to complete the Continuing Education Program Regulatory Element call (800) 999-6647 and select option 1.

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