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96-13 Fixed Income Pricing System Additions, Changes, and Deletions as of January 30, 1996

As of January 30, 1996, the following bonds were added to the Fixed Income Pricing System (FIPSSM).

Symbol Name Coupon Maturity
GRLC.GA Great Lakes Carbon Corp 10 1/1/2006
NEOD.GA Neodata Services Inc 12 5/1/2003
FNRI.GA Flores and Rucks Inc 13.5 12/1/2004
BANC.GA BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc 9 10/1/2005
CCIL.GA Cellular Comm. Int'l Inc 0 8/15/00
CRWP.GA Crown Paper Company 11 9/1/2005
PTEL.GA Peoples Telephone Company 12.25 7/15/02
CYSS.GA County Seat Stores Inc 12 10/1/02
KM.GA K Mart Corp 12.5 3/1/05
KM.GB K Mart Corp 8.125 12/1/06
KM.GC K Mart Corp 8.25 1/1/22
KM.GD K Mart Corp 8.375 7/1/22
KM.GE K Mart Corp 7.75 10/1/12
KM.GF K Mart Corp 7.95 2/1/23
MFST.GB MFS Communications 0 1/15/06
PDQ.GA Prime Hospitality Corp 9.25 1/15/06
TK.GA Teekay Shipping Corp 8.32 2/1/08
CCG.GA Chelsea GCA Rlty Prtshp LP 7.75 1/26/01
ATEL.GB American Telecasting Inc. 14.5 8/15/05

As of January 30, 1996, the following bonds were deleted from FIPS.

Symbol Name
CG.GB Columbia Gas
CG.GC Columbia Gas
CG.GD Columbia Gas
CG.GE Columbia Gas
CG.GF Columbia Gas
CG.GG Columbia Gas
CG.GH Columbia Gas
CG.GI Columbia Gas
CG.GJ Columbia Gas
CG.GK Columbia Gas
CG.GL Columbia Gas
CG.GM Columbia Gas
CG.GN Columbia Gas
CG.GO Columbia Gas
CG.GP Columbia Gas
CG.GQ Columbia Gas
CG.GR Columbia Gas
CG.GS Columbia Gas
CG.GT Columbia Gas
CG.GU Columbia Gas
BLG.GA Ballys Grand Inc
INSL.GC Insilco Corp
STBP.GA Southeast Banking Corp
SUCA.GA Sun Carriers Inc
TRCK.GA Truck Components Inc
TXSP.GA Texas Supermarkets Inc
FLES.GA * Food-4-Less Supermkts Inc
* FIPS mandatory bond

As of January 30, 1996, changes were made to the symbols of the following FIPS bonds:

New Symbol Old Symbol Name
RBNC.GA RPBN.GB Republic Bancorp Inc
STSA.GA STFI.GA Sterling Financial Corp
SVN.GB SNV.GB Spectravision Inc

In previous editions of the Notices to Members, the following FIPS bond symbols were listed incorrectly. Please note the corrected listings below.

Correct Symbol Name
SBO.GB Showboat
OI.GH Owens Illinois

All bonds listed above are subject to trade-reporting requirements. Questions pertaining to trade-reporting rules should be directed to James C. Dolan, Assistant Director, NASD Market Surveillance, at (301) 590-6460.

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