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96-31 Fixed Income Pricing System Additions, Changes, and Deletions as of March 29, 1996

As of March 29, 1996, the following bonds were added to the Fixed Income Pricing System (FIPSSM).

Symbol Name Coupon Maturity
TLMD.GB Telemundo Group Inc 7 2/15/96
DOPD.GA Doane Products Company 10.625 3/1/06
JJSA.GA Jitney-Jungle Stores Amer Inc 12 3/1/06
CRBR.GA Chancellor Radio Broadcasting Co 9.375 10/1/04
RVW.GF Riverwood Intl Corp 10.25 4/1/06
RVW.GG Riverwood Intl Corp 10.875 4/1/08
TPLP.GA Tanger Properties LP 8.75 3/11/01
PDC.GA Presley Cos Del 12.5 7/1/01
EX.GA Exide Corp 10.75 12/15/02
ULAB.GA Unilab Corp New 11 4/1/06
NMEP.GA Nat'l Medical Enterprises Corp 7.375 9/1/97
PVH.GA Phillips Van Heusen Corp 7.75 11/15/23
MORT.GA Marriott Corp 8.125 12/1/96
MORT.GB Marriott Corp 8.875 5/1/97
MORT.GC Marriott Corp 9.375 6/15/07
MORT.GD Marriott Corp 9.875 11/1/97
MORT.GE Marriott Corp 10.25 7/18/01
MORT.GF Marriott Corp 10 5/1/12
MORT.GG Marriott Corp 9.5 5/1/02

As of March 29, 1996, the following bonds were deleted from FIPS.

Symbol Name Coupon Maturity
MOIL.GD Marathon Oil Company 9.75 3/1/99
AFIN.GA American Finl Corp 10 10/20/99
BS.GB Bethlehem Steel Corp 9 5/15/00
AMI.GF American Medical Intl Inc 15 11/26/05
CVN.GA Computer Vision Corp 10.875 8/15/97
ELPA.GA El Paso Electric Company 6.75 5/1/98
ELPA.GB El Paso Electric Company 7.75 4/1/01
ELPA.GC El Paso Electric Company 9 11/1/04
ELPA.GD El Paso Electric Company 10.5 11/1/05
ELPA.GE El Paso Electric Company 8.5 4/1/07
FENA.GA Fairchild Industries Inc 9.75 4/1/98
AMAI.GB American Airlines Inc 6.25 3/1/96
FA.GA Fairchild Corp 12.25 3/15/96
CNM.GA Continental Medical Sys 10.875 8/15/02
CNM.GC Continental Medical Sys 10.375 4/1/03

As of March 29, 1996, changes were made to the symbols of the following FIPS bonds:

New Symbol Old Symbol Name
MSEA.GA METB.GA Metropolitan Bancorp
PNT.GA PENT.GA Penna Enterprises
YBTV.GA YGBR.GC Young Broadcasting
BHW.GA BEHW.GA Bell & Howell Inc
EE.GA ELPA.GF El Paso Electric Company
EE.GB ELPA.GG El Paso Electric Company
EE.GC ELPA.GH El Paso Electric Company
EE.GD ELPA.GI El Paso Electric Company
EE.GE ELPA.GJ El Paso Electric Company
DUAL.GA DUDR.GA Dual Drilling Company
HDS.GA HLST.GA Hills Stores Company
INF.GA INFT.GA Infinity Broadcasting Co.

As of March 29, 1996, a change was made to the name and symbol of the following FIPS bond:

New Symbol New Name Old Symbol Old Name
SLBC.GA Inc Sullivan Broadcasting Inc ACTB.GA Act III Broadcasting

All bonds listed above are subject to trade-reporting requirements. Questions pertaining to trade-reporting rules should be directed to James C. Dolan, NASD Market Surveillance, at (301) 590-6460.

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