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96-55 NASD Regulation Offers Software To Help Members Comply With Continuing Education Requirements

Executive Summary

Release 2.0 is the new, improved version of the Training Analysis and Planning Tool designed to help NASD® members comply with the Firm Element of the securities industry Continuing Education Program. The Firm Element applies to registered persons or their supervisors who deal directly with customers in conducting sales, trading, and investment banking activities for member firms. Industry rules require members to complete a training needs analysis and also to develop and implement a written training plan. Release 2.0, which comes in a user-friendly, picture-puzzle format, makes that easy.

Release 2.0 is fully compatible with and builds significantly on the capabilities and functionality of Release 1.0. Fueled by information provided by industry members, this upgraded version includes significant new features that help member firms prepare training schedules, track the progress of covered persons, and comply with the recordkeeping requirements of the Continuing Education Program. It also offers an indexed listing of more than 700 training resources from 50 vendors, enabling member firms to match their own training needs with the individual training needs of covered persons. While this unique software can help members meet their Continuing Education requirements, it should not be viewed as a "safe harbor."

For more information, contact NASD Regulation, Inc., Regulatory Systems hotline at (800) 321-NASD.

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