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96-72 NASD Regulation Computerized Delivery Site Transition To Sylvan Continues

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Senior Management
Legal & Compliance

Executive Summary

NASD Regulation, Inc. (NASD Regulation) as previously announced, has contracted with Sylvan Learning Systems, Inc., for the management and operation of its test center network. As the transition to the Sylvan Network proceeds, a limited number of current PROCTOR® Certification and Training Centers will be replaced by authorized Sylvan Technology Centers beginning in November 1996. The goal is to make the transition to the replacement locations as seamless to the candidates as possible. To prevent misinformation, candidates wanting appointments should continue to call the current PROCTOR Certification and Training Centers to schedule appointments. Candidates will be instructed by their local center on the details of the transition as it relates to their requested appointment date.

Questions regarding locations available for computerized delivery of Qualification Examinations and the Continuing Education Program's computer-based training (CBT) should be directed to the Quality & Service Teams.

Quality & Service Team 1
(301) 921-9499

Quality & Service Team 2
(301) 921-9444

Quality & Service Team 3
(301) 921-9445

Quality & Service Team 4
(301) 921-6664

Quality & Service Team 5
(301) 921-6665

Status Of The Transition

A limited number of PROCTOR Certification and Training Centers will be replaced by at least one authorized Sylvan Technology Center in the same geographic area beginning in November 1996. As these sites become available, the PROCTOR Certification and Training Centers affected by the transition will be instructing candidates to call for details on the transition of each site. The transition schedule varies by site and has numerous dependencies making it difficult to publish a schedule for all sites that will not change. For this reason candidates should continue to contact their local PROCTOR Certification and Training Center to obtain the most current information regarding appointment scheduling.

In December 1996, additional authorized Sylvan Technology Centers in different geographic areas will be available for delivery. Scheduling appointments at any of the authorized Sylvan Technology Centers will be available through an 800 number using Sylvan's National Registration Center. Once the transition to the Sylvan Technology Centers is complete, a list of locations with addresses and phone numbers will be published. Please watch for further communications regarding additional sites in future Notices to Members.

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