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Rule 1T. "The Exchange"
Rule 2T. "Member," "Membership," "Member Firm," etc.
Rule 3T. "Security"
Rule 6T. "Floor"
Rule 8T. "Delivery"
Rule 11T. Effect of Definitions
Rule 311T. Formation and Approval of Member Organizations
Rule 312T. Changes Within Member Organizations
Rule 313T. Submission of Partnership Articles—Submission of Corporate Documents
Rule 321T. Formation or Acquisition of Subsidiaries
Rule 408T. Discretionary Power in Customers' Accounts
Rule 409T. Statements of Accounts to Customers
Rule 416T. Questionnaires and Reports
Rule 416AT. Member And Member Organization Profile Information Updates And Quarterly Certifications Via The Electronic Filing Platform
Rule 435T. Miscellaneous Prohibitions