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221. Communications with the Public

This version of the rule (or interpretive material) does not become effective until Apr 14 2017.

(a) No communication with the public by a capital acquisition broker may:
(1) include any false, exaggerated, unwarranted, promissory or misleading statement or claim;
(2) omit any material fact or qualification if the omission, in light of the context of the material presented, would cause the communication to be misleading;
(3) state or imply that FINRA, or any other corporate name or facility owned by FINRA, or any other regulatory organization endorses, indemnifies, or guarantees the capital acquisition broker-dealer's business practices; or
(4) imply that past performance will recur or make any exaggerated or unwarranted claim, opinion or forecast.
(b) All communications by a capital acquisition broker must be based on principles of fair dealing and good faith, must be fair and balanced, and must provide a sound basis for evaluating the facts in regard to any particular security or type of security, industry, or service.
Adopted by SR-FINRA-2015-054.

Selected Notice: 16-37.

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