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05-85 SEC Approves a Proposed Rule Change to Revise the Mediation Rules of the NASD Code of Arbitration Procedure; Effective January 30, 2006
05-84 NASD Announces Election Results for the District Committee for District 7
05-83 NASD Notice of Meeting and Proxy
05-82 SEC Approves Amendments to Arbitration Fees Applicable to Certain Statutory Employment Discrimination Claims; Effective Date: January 17, 2006
05-81 2006 Trade Date — Settlement Date Schedule
05-80 SEC Approves Amendments to IM-8310-2 Regarding the Publication of Decisions Issued by the National Adjudicatory Council (NAC) Pursuant to NASD Rule 1015; Effective Date: January 12, 2006
For Your Information
05-79 Amendments to Section 4 of Schedule A to the NASD By-Laws Governing Continuing Education Regulatory Element and Qualification Examination Fees; Implementation Date: January 1, 2006
05-78 SEC Approves Amendments to the OATS Rules; Effective Date: May 8, 2006
05-77 Transactions in TRACE-Eligible Securities That Occur in Connection with Options, Credit Default Swaps, Other Swaps or Similar Instruments Must Be Reported to TRACE
05-76 Nominees for NASD Board of Governors
05-75 Supervisory Controls and Annual CEO Certification
05-74 NASD Announces Election Results for District Committees and District Nominating Committees
05-73 Broker-Dealer, Investment Adviser Firm, Agent and Investment Adviser Representative Renewals for 2006; Payment Deadline: December 14, 2005
05-72 SEC Approves Amendments to NASD Rule 3150, Regarding Reporting Requirements for Clearing Firms, and NASD Rule 3230, Regarding Requirements for Clearing Agreements
05-71 SEC approves NASD Interpretive Material to Rule 9216 regarding NASD's MRVP
05-70 Revisions to the Series 4, 6 and 9/10 Examination Programs
05-69 SEC Approves New Rule 2111 Prohibiting Members from Trading Ahead of Customer Market Orders Under Certain Circumstances
05-68 Securities Industry/Regulatory Council on Continuing Education Issues Firm Element Advisory
05-67 SEC Approves Uniform Branch Office Definition and Related Interpretive Material
05-66 SEC Approves Uniform Branch Office Registration Form (Form BR) and Conforming and Technical Changes to Forms U4 and U5
05-65 SEC Approves Amendments Relating to Rule 2790
05-64 SEC Approves Amendments to IM-2110-2 to Require Members to Provide Price Improvement to Customer Limit Orders in Certain Circumstances and to Expand IM-2110-2 to Exchange-Listed Securities
05-63 NASD Seeks Comment on Increasing the Frequency of Short Interest Reporting; Comment Period Expired November 29, 2005
05-62 Nominees for District Committee and District Nominating Committee
05-61 NASD Solicits Member Comment on Possible Realignment of the Trading Activity Fee; Comment Period Expired October 31, 2005
05-60 Important Information Regarding the Suspension of Trading in the Securities of Bancorp International Group, Inc. (BCIT.PK)
05-59 NASD Provides Guidance Concerning the Sale of Structured Products
05-58 Intermarket Surveillance Group (ISG)1 Requires Validation of Electronic Blue Sheet Submissions
05-57 Guidance to Members Affected by Hurricane Katrina
05-56 Extension of Pilot Program Increasing Position and Exercise Limits for Stock Options
05-55 SEC Approves Amendments to IM-10104 to Provide Payment to Arbitrators for Deciding Discovery-Related Motions
05-54 NASD Announces Nominee for Regional Industry Member Vacancy on the National Adjudicatory Council
05-53 Due to a change in the publishing schedule, there is no Notice numbered 05-53.
05-52 SEC Approves Amendments to TRACE Fee Structure Establishing an Enterprise Fee and Lowering Fee for Receipt of Real-Time TRACE Transaction Data via Web Browser
05-51 Member Obligations with Respect to Volume-Weighted Average Price Transactions
05-50 Member Responsibilities for Supervising Sales of Unregistered Equity-Indexed Annuities
05-49 NASD Reminds Members of Their Obligations Relating to the Protection of Customer Information
05-48 Members' Responsibilities When Outsourcing Activities to Third-Party Service Providers
05-47 Unexpected Close of Securities Markets
05-46 SEC Approves Amendments Relating to Taping Rule "Opt Out" and Exemption Provisions
05-45 Agency Securities Lending Disclosure Initiative
05-44 SEC Approves Amendments Relating to Annual Compliance Meetings
05-43 NASD Announces Nomination Procedures for Regional Industry Member Vacancies on the National Adjudicatory Council
05-42 NASD Informs Members of Upcoming District Committee and District Nominating Committee Elections
05-41 Important Information Regarding the Suspension of Trading in the Securities of Gluv Corp.1
05-40 NASD Requests Comment on Proposal to Prohibit All Product-Specific Sales Contests and to Apply Non-Cash Compensation Rules to Sales of All Securities Comment Period Expired August 5, 2005
05-39 NASD Suggests Best Practices for Fingerprinting Procedures
05-38 NASD Reminds Broker-Dealers of Their Responsibilities Regarding Deficits in Introduced Accounts; Immediate Action May Be Required to Ensure Compliance
05-37 NASD Restructures Certain TRACE Fees for Market Data and Amends the Definition of "Non-Professional" in Connection with TRACE Market Data
05-36 SEC Approves New Interpretive Material to Rule 10308 Regarding Arbitrators Who Also Serve as Mediators
05-35 SEC Approves Amendments to IM-10104 and Rule 10315 to Permit Arbitrations in Foreign Hearing Locations
05-34 SEC Approves Amendments to Rule 2711 to Prohibit Research Analysts from Participating in a Road Show and from Communicating with Customers in the Presence of Investment Banking Personnel or Company Management about an Investment Banking Services Transaction
05-33 Short Sales in Pilot Securities and Order-Marking Requirements under SEC Regulation SHO
05-32 SEC Approves Amendments to NASD Rule Governing Predispute Arbitration Agreements with Customers
05-31 Pilot Program to Increase Position and Exercise Limits for Equity Options and New Reverse Collar Strategy Added to Equity Option Hedge Exemptions
05-30 SEC Approves New Alternative Display Facility (ADF) Pilot Rule Giving NASD Authority to Receive and Review Complaints Alleging Denial of Access to an ADF Market Participant Quote
05-29 Guidance Regarding Rule 3012(a)(1) Requirement to Test and Verify a Member's Supervisory Policies and Procedures
05-28 NASD Reminds Members that the TRACE Reporting Period Will Be Reduced to 15 Minutes on July 1, 2005, and Rescinds Interpretive Guidance Regarding Rejected TRACE Transaction Reports
05-27 NASD Requests Comment on Proposal to Require Principal Pre-Use Approval of Member Correspondence to 25 or More Existing Retail Customers within a 30-Calendar-Day Period (Comment Period Expired May 27, 2005)
05-26 NASD Recommends Best Practices for Reviewing New Products
05-25 NASD Requests Comment on Proposal to Require Pre-Use Filing of Advertisements and Sales Literature for New Types of Securities and of Television, Video and Radio Advertisements (Comment Period Expired May 20, 2005)
05-24 NASD Announces Exemption from the Research Analyst Qualification Requirements (Series 86 and 87) for Certain Employees of Foreign Affiliates Who Contribute to Member Research Reports
05-23 NASD Issues Further Guidance on the Trading Activity Fee
05-22 New Electronic Reporting Requirements for Large Options Positions Reports for Filing of Reportable Conventional Options Positions
05-21 NASD Requests Comment on Proposed Rule Requiring Members to Provide Additional Disclosures for Transactions in Debt Securities
05-20 NASD Announces Effective Date of April 4, 2005 for Amendments to Rule 1120 to Eliminate Exemptions from the Continuing Education Regulatory Element Requirements
05-19 Revisions to the Series 11 and 55 Examination Programs
05-18 NASD Issues Guidance on Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges of Real Property for Certain Tenants-in-Common Interests in Real Property Offerings
05-17 NASD Adopts New Sanction Guidelines
05-16 NASD Announces Election Results for the District Committee for District 10
05-15 NASD Announces Election Results for the District Committee for District 1
05-14 NASD Announces Exemption from the Analysis Portion of the Research Analyst Qualification Examination (Series 86) for Certain Applicants Who Prepare Only "Technical Research Reports"
05-13 NASD Reminds Firms of April 4, 2005, Expiration Date of Grace Period to Meet NASD Research Analyst Qualification and Examination Requirements (Series 86/87)
05-12 SEC Approves Amendments to Rule 9522 Regarding Applications of Statutorily Disqualified Persons Who Will Be Engaged Solely in Clerical and/or Ministerial Activities
05-11 NASD Issues Further Guidance Regarding Members' Obligations under Section 3 of Schedule A to the NASD By-Laws; NASD Also Seeks Member Comment on Related Automation Issues; (Comment Period Expired March 30, 2005)
05-10 NASD Amends Rule Governing Time Limits for Submission of Arbitration Claims
05-09 NASD Amends Rule Governing Predispute Arbitration with Customers (The compliance date of new Rule 3110(f)(1) requirements has been extended to June 1, 2005.)
05-08 Guidance Regarding the Application of the Supervisory Control Amendments to Members' Securities Activities, Including Members' Institutional Securities Activities
05-07 SEC Approves Amendments to Rule 2212 Concerning Frequency of Updates From the National Do-Not-Call Registry
05-06 Exemption for Delta Neutral Positions of OTC Derivatives Dealers
05-05 NASD Eliminates the TRACE Bond Transaction Data Service (BTDS) Non-Professional Real-Time Data Display Fee and the BTDS Professional Delayed-Time Data Display Fee Pilot Program
05-04 SEC Approves Amendments to NASD Rule 2830(k) to Strengthen Prohibitions on Investment Company Directed Brokerage Arrangements
05-03 NASD Provides Updated Options Exemption Listing
05-02 Stage Two of the Expansion of Dissemination of TRACE Transaction Data to Begin on February 7, 2005 Instead of February 1, 2005
05-01 Final Renewal Statements and Reports