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Rule 292. Restrictions on Members' Participation in Transaction to Close Defaulted Contracts

This rule is no longer applicable.

No member or member organization, who for his or its own account has given an order to close a contract because of non-delivery, shall fill the order by selling for his or its own account, either directly or through a broker, the securities named therein; and no member or member organization shall knowingly enable or permit any other person on whose behalf the order to close because of non-delivery has been issued to fill such order by selling for his own account the securities named therein. If a member or member organization has issued an order to close because of nondelivery and, acting for another principal, supplies the securities named therein, he or it must make delivery in accordance with the terms of the contract thus created, and may not by consent or otherwise fail to make such delivery. The member or member organization for whose account a contract is being closed, or any succeeding member or member organization in interest, or any member or member organization to whom re-transmitted notice has been sent, shall not accept the bid or offer, unless such member or member organization is acting for a principal other than the one for whose account the contract is being closed.

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