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Rule 180. Failure to Deliver

This rule is no longer applicable.

If securities which are to be delivered pursuant to the rules of a registered clearing agency are not so delivered, the contract may be closed as provided in the rules of said registered clearing agency. If not so closed or if there is a failure to deliver securities which are to be delivered pursuant to Rule 176 or Rule 177, and in the absence of any notice or agreement, the contract shall continue without interest until the following business day; but in every such case of non-delivery of securities, the party in default shall be liable for any damages which may accrue thereby. All claims for such damages shall be made promptly.

When the parties to a contract are both participants in a registered clearing agency which has an automated service for notifying a failing party of the liability that will be attendant to a failure to deliver and that contract was to be settled through the facilities of said registered clearing agency, the transmission of the liability notification must be accomplished through use of said automated notification service.

July 11, 1974;
June 28, 1978;
January 19, 2007 (NYSE-2006-57).

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