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3140. Approval of Change in Exempt Status Under SEC Rule 15c3-3

This rule is no longer applicable. NASD Rule 3140 has been superseded by FINRA Rule 1020. Please consult the appropriate FINRA Rule.

(a) Application — For the purposes of this Rule, the term "member" shall be limited to any member of the Association who is subject to SEC Rule 15c3-3 and is not designated to another self-regulatory organization by the Commission for financial responsibility pursuant to Section 17 of the Act and SEC Rule 17d-1 promulgated thereunder. Further, the term shall not be applicable to any member that is subject to Section 402.2(c) of the rules of the Treasury Department.

(b) A member operating pursuant to any exemptive provision as contained in subparagraph (k) of SEC Rule 15c3-3 under the Act (Rule 15c3-3), shall not change its method of doing business in a manner which will change its exemptive status from that governed by subparagraph (k)(1) or (k)(2)(ii) to that governed by subparagraph (k)(2)(i); or from subparagraph (k)(1), (k)(2)(i) or (k)(2)(ii) to a fully computing firm that is subject to all provisions of Rule 15c3-3; or commence operations that will disqualify it for continued exemption under Rule 15c3-3 without first having obtained the prior written approval of the Association.

(c) In making the determination as to whether to approve, deny in whole or in part an application made pursuant to paragraph (b), the Association staff shall consider among other things the type of business in which the member is engaged, the training, experience and qualifications of persons associated with the member, the member's procedures for safeguarding customer funds and securities, the member's overall financial and operational condition and any other information deemed relevant in the particular circumstances and the time these measures would remain in effect.

Cross Reference–

Rule 2261, Disclosure of Financial Condition
Amended by SR-NASD-99-76 eff. Sept. 11, 2000
Amended by SR-NASD-95-39 eff. Oct. 10, 1996
Adopted eff. Nov. 7, 1985

Selected Notice: 00-56.

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