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IM-2750. Transactions with Related Persons

This rule is no longer applicable.

A member who is acting, or plans to act, as sponsor of a unit investment trust will not violate Rule 2750 if it accumulates securities with respect to which the member has acted as a syndicate member, selling group member or reallowance dealer in an account of the member or related person of the member if, at the time of accumulation, the member in good faith intends to deposit the securities into the unit investment trust at the public offering price and intends to make a bona fide public offering of the participation units of that trust. Members engaged in such activity, however, will continue to be subject to Rule 2790.
While Rule 2750(d) provides that a person is presumed not to have made a bona fide public offering if, immediately following the termination of the fixed price offering, the securities trade at or above the public offering price, there is no presumption that a person has made a bona fide public offering if, at such time, the securities trade below the public offering price. Whether a person has made a bona fide pubic offering will be determined on the basis of all relevant facts and circumstances.
Amended by SR-NASD-99-60 eff. March 23, 2004.

Selected Notice: 03-79.

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